Working as camera assistant I came across combination of RED Monstro 8K VV and Sigma FF lenses. All good, except 14mm… That marks beginning of Compact Matte Box, that was end of 2019 and were heading for month long shoot in Alps with first prototype to use 4×5.65 filter to FF 14mm Sigma lens.
Since then there have been approximately 10 evolving design variations and around 40 test prints, where each takes around 10 hours. At this point I feel confident about design and delivered quality. Hoping that 3d printed Matte Box will be useful tool for others as well in situations where you need to be lightweight and much quicker then taping filter to lens.
Project goal is to continue develop additional tools for film making with latest technology available for additive manufacturing. Evolve with higher grade 3d printing machines and one day acquire CNC machine. Always open for suggestions and improvements, 3d printing on demand available.

CEO, Emīls.

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