Sigma FF 14mm ⌀95mm Matte Box


Specially designed to use 4×5.65 filters with 14mm lens on FF sensor.

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Specially designed to fit two 4×5.65 filters with 14mm lens on FF sensor. Compatible with other Sigma FF lenses. 
Fits two 4×5.65 filters on 95mm front barrel.

Great for lightweight, steadycam or gimbal applications, quick way to add clear filter or swap ND’s in run and gun situations. 
Made from medium-hard, slightly flexible material that is fairly resistant to impact, high temperature.

Please note the added image with clamp and overall dimensions. Due to the fact that the front barrel differs please measure your lens before buying. Note that there might be slight imperfections, cracks, misalignment or other visual offsets due to the additive manufacturing process, though each product is inspected and hand assembled  to meet functional requirements. 

In some cases it is suggested to add a bit of electric or other tape to the matte box clamping area for better hold strength (especially with Cooke lenses).
Test fitted with Sigma FF prime lenses. Compatible with other Sigma FF lenses.




Made from Biodegradable material according to DIN EN ISO 14855, specifications (click to download pdf).
Dimensions: 155x150x45 mm
Weight : 120 grams

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 9 cm
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