-How about shipping?

Shipping within 1-3 working days for items in stock, you will receive email notification with tracking number once order is handed to the courier.

-How long does it take to process backordered items?

Up to two weeks. Though we try to to process as fast as possible.

-Will you make adapter rings, so it can be used with different lens sets? 

There will be one available within a couple of months hopefully. Work in progress

-Can you make custom size? 

Easy, at this moment design allows up to 114mm max diameter. Please contact us for more details. 

-My matte box feels loose, even if tightened to maximum?

To improve clamping add peace of electric tape to the clamping part of matte box, also can use gaffer or some other self adhesion material.

-How about some print imperfections, slight layer shift and little cracks? May I suggest you slicer setup..? 

Well it has been a great journey learning  budget 3d printers, testing various materials, understanding how stuff works. For example, in my experience, ender 3 type printer needs major overhauling every 400-600 hundred hours of printing, mains flaw is mechanics, like the Ronford Baker slider with Dana dolly, those differences result in visual imperfections, though maintaining full functionality.

At this moment I am playing safe, after successful test batch shipment I already have a game plan to upscale production with decent, industrially oriented machines. Afterwards would like to work with carbon fibre reinforced nylon filaments to expand product range. Though I have to calculate how high end machines will affect price point, might be that for current garage business style it’s more convenient to use budget machines rather then try to pay off 5k eur+ machine while keeping price point low.

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